Belonging (2020/2021)

A project that explores what it means to belong and not belong when integrating into a new country.

This is a project in two parts.

The first part is a series of workshops, in which members of the public who have experienced immigration will make self portrait puppets from paper. The puppets will then form an exhibition due to be presented in Aarhus. During the workshops the participants will share their stories of what it means to belong and not belong. The stories will be collected to form stimulus for a performance.

The performance, and second part of the project, will use paper in many different ways to tell these stories. Paper will form the puppets, express emotion in abstract movement and sometimes appear simply as a piece of paper, written on and folded. A solo performance for young audiences age 10+.

The project is supported by Statens Kunst Fonden and Aarhus Kommune.