Teater Animisme

We make hand crafted puppets & puppet theatre for adults and children.

Animism is the ancient and long-forgotten belief of life in all things. We make this reality through puppetry and theatre of animation. When someone watches a puppet, something magical happens – they believe in the unbelievable and connect on an almost supernatural level. The attention is electric. This is the reason we work with this art form.

We also believe humans are brilliant and have a common good that binds us all. Through our work we celebrate and exaggerate this bond, whether it is through the stories we tell or the shared experience of live performance.

We are not limited by our art form and are constantly seeking new collaborations to challenge and evolve what theatre can be and how it can be experienced. Be it through interdisciplinary collaborations or taking puppetry out into the streets and unusual locations.

Teater Animisme is founded by Rebekah Caputo (MA Puppetry as Creative Practice) and collaborates with different artists on each project. Alongside this, she is puppetry director, devisor and puppet-maker for Odd Doll Puppetry (UK) http://www.odddoll.co.uk, as well as puppeteer, devisor and design assistant to Teater Refleksion (DK) http://www.refleksion.dk. Rebekah regularly collaborates in additional productions and takes commissions in puppet-making and shadow art. She also teaches puppetry and puppet-making to students, professionals and anyone who wants to learn!