Puppets speak to us on the most instinctual level.


They open our hearts and our minds like we are children.


                          They speak to our souls.


         Therefore, they are a most potent tool for

                                             communication and change.


With this in mind Teater Animisme make puppet theatre that:


Celebrates high quality puppet theatre by the creation of visually rich and technically complex work, collaborating with other companies to incorporate puppetry into their work and teaching people to build and animate puppets


Engages people directly in the development of our work. By meeting the people affected by the themes of the work and learning from them, we are able to make work that is emotional relevant and deeply resonant

Promotes diversity in the art form through the themes in our work, the collaborations we make and where and to whom we present our shows

Uses playfulness and humour to open our audiences and deepen our meaning


Crosses boundaries between theatre, visual art and sound installation creating work for theatres, art galleries and outdoor public spaces



Teater Animisme is lead by Rebekah Caputo and with every project she collaborates with different artists

Before moving to Denmark Rebekah worked making high quality puppet theatre with Odd Doll and alongside this lead many theatre based social projects

Teater Animisme brings these two parts of her practice together

(Foto: Stefan Kjær Olsen)

Rebekah is also puppeteer and devisor with Teater Refleksion, DK, Long term collaborator and friend to Odd Doll Puppetry, UK and puppet advisor to Cosmino Productions, DE