Alien On Board!

A spaceship is coming to town.

Where has it come from? Why is it here?

And who is inside?

Accompanied by astrobiologist Samantha Smart, investigate this strange occurrence and discover the origins of the extra terrestrial inside.

A handcrafted puppetry performance for just three audience members combining shadow puppetry, original soundscapes and a strange little Martian.

Perfect for street events, festivals and parties, this unusual encounter can be performed in Danish and English. Please contact us for further details.

Performance and Puppet Design – Rebekah Caputo
Design – Pernille Kofoed Madsen
Sound – Myles Haughton
Supported by
Aarhus 2017 Off Track
Kultur Havn
Teater Refleksion

Alien Ombord has toured to Aarhus, Viborg, Horsens, Lemvig, Silkeborg and Copenhagen.