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How does it feel to be new? Arriving in a place where you do not understand anything, do not know anyone? You feel different and look different. What does it take to make it feel like home? What does is take to belong?

Belonging explores being foreign in a new land, based on collected stories and memories from immigrants and refugees.

Enchanting puppet show about immigration… With beautiful pop-up scenery and puppets created in paper, Rebekah Caputo from Teater Animisme in Belonging tells a wordless but clear story about feeling lost in the middle of an alien world. – Iscene

Concept  og Performer: Rebekah Caputo

Director: Bjarne Sandborg

Scenography: Pernille Madsen/Rebekah Caputo/Arnau Olesti Recasens/Beatriz Pérez Ruiz

Sound Design: Rob Mackay/Morten Laursen

Technical: Morten Laursen/William Nielsen

Light Design: Morten Ladefoged

Consultant: Sif Jessen Hymøller

Fotograf: Christopher Brekne

Made with Teater Refleksion’s Animatoriet