We make puppets for other companies on request and will work with you to design a puppet perfect for your production.

PePPi (2020)

Created for Hvid Støj Sceneproduktion’s Pap Kas

Little Bear (2019)

Giacometti’s Pair (2018)

Skeletons (2017)
Internal jointing and movement design for Odd Doll’s Seaside Terror

Laura (2017)
Created for Hvid Støj Produktion’s Senses of the City

Marionette (2016)
Featured in and created for music video with Beyond Illusion Films

The Lighthouse (2016)
A shadow installation created as part of Carte Blanche’s Lighthouse

Roseville (2014)
A shadow film created with refugees and asylum seekers for A Quiet Word

Horror Souk (2013)
A collaboration with dance artist Tara Baker to create shadow installation and projection